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Newlyweds Donated Their Food to Children’s Shelter



  • Melanie and Tyler originally planned for an extravagant wedding this year.
  • But because of the pandemic, they had to change it to a simple one with very few guests.
  • Since they have already booked the catering services, they decided to donate it to a shelter for women and children.

Melanie and Tyler Tapajna planned to have their wedding this year, and like many other couples, they had to alter their original plans because of the COVID-9 pandemic.

But instead of wasting away the reception food, they decided to donate it to a local shelter for women and children — they were also the ones who served it while in tux and gown.

Photo Credit: Facebook/The City Mission

The newlyweds from Ohio initially planned to have a traditional wedding to be attended by 150 guests and pre-ordered their food through Betty’s Bomb Ass Burgers catering service. But when the pandemic happened, they had to change their plans.

Instead, their wedding had become a simple one and more private in Melanie’s grandparents’ garden, attended only by 12 family members, some friends, and their dog. 

Photo Credit: Facebook/The City Mission

Once the ceremony was done, they went straight to Laura’s Home — a shelter for women and children — to distribute the pre-ordered food. 

They served fried chicken, salad, mac and cheese, and green beans by themselves while still wearing their wedding outfits. Melanie told Insider they wanted “to be able to experience the full act of donating.”

Photo Credit: Facebook/The City Mission

“We could have just donated, but we would have never been able to see how happy it made everyone,” she added.

They can be seen in their photographs still masked while serving but for sure they are smiling behind them while distributing the food to people in need. The children especially loved Melanie’s dress and they made her feel as if she was a princess.

Photo Credit: Facebook/The City Mission

The shelter expressed their gratitude to the couple through their post on Facebook saying: “These newlyweds are here to make your day! When Melanie and Tyler’s formal wedding reception was canceled due to COVID-19, they decided they not only wanted to donate their reception food to our guests at Laura’s Home, but also to serve the meal in their gown and suit! We pray this amazing couple is blessed immensely in their marriage, and thank them for inviting our guests to their wedding feast.”

Photo Credit: Facebook/The City Mission

As for the couple, it may have been different than what they originally planned but meeting the women and children in the shelter and making new friends had made their wedding day very special!

Source: Tank’s Good News