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No One Can Stop This “Paw-Dipping”Cat In Tasting Her Owner’s Meal [Video]



  • A video of a cat dipping her paw into her owner’s food is making viewers LOL.
  • Her owner can be heard saying “She’s in there again”, indicating it has become the cat’s habit to taste what her owner’s having.
  • The video has already been viewed 6.3 million times and liked 1.2 million times.

Dogs are the pleasers in the animal world and would do anything to be on the good side of their pawrents.  On the other hand are the cats who are most often disregarding their owners’ commands.  You tell them one thing they do the other thing.

@dillakilla Just a quick lil taste. #cats #cat #catsoftiktok #badcat #funny ♬ original sound – Kaci Dilla

Just like Tiktok’s Dillakilla who is seen dipping her paw into her owner’s snack sauce. You can hear her owner saying “She’s in there again.” The caption even made the video more hilarious: “Just a quick lil taste.”

She was not even trying to hide what she was doing as her owner was watching everything from just across her.  No shame, really.

And it did not take long for animal lovers to find the cat’s outrageous behavior and LOL. So far, it already has 1.2 million likes and a whopping 6.3 million views.

Photo Credit: @dillakilla (TikTok)

User Kristen wrote: “Tippy tappys get the dippy snackies” while an obvious cat owner Dyslexiccb1tch said: “I’d really prefer if my cat did this instead of trying to knock the spoon out of my hand as I’m trying to put it in my mouth.”

Other cat owners also joined in like FiveUntilPlaces who said: “As a lifetime cat owner… this is v cute, but Goblin gets one taste like that (if she’s quick) and the dip goes in the trash.”

Sophia added: “She cleaned her paws first! Very respectful.” And Drybobs asked: “Cute, but y’all scooped out the part he touched right.”

Photo Credit: @dillakilla (TikTok)

Meanwhile, OMI quipped: “Say what you want, that cat’s got incredible table manners.” And Kendal Joy took note of the repeated behavior and said: “She’s in there again’ took me out.”

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Source: Newsweek