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Nonprofit Gives Free Service Dogs To Veterans To Help Them Heal



  • Those who have decided to join the army and serve the country, usually go back home broken.
  • That’s why the nonprofit organization called the Veterans Moving Forward helps them cope with their disabilities either physically or psychologically by giving them service dogs for free!
  • The service dogs are trained and are chosen wisely to best fit each veteran based on personality and ability. 

Citizens who have joined the forces and served the country, usually go back home with either physical or psychological disabilities.

That’s exactly the reason why the Veterans Moving Forward — a nonprofit based in Virginia — makes it their mission to help our heroes cope up as they retire. And that’s by giving them service dogs!

Photo Credit: @veterans_moving_forward (Instagram)

The organization trains pups as young as 8 weeks old, and when they are 2 years older, they are then paired with a veteran for free! They also make sure that each veteran gets the most fitted dog for him or her based on their personalities and abilities.

Photo Credit: @veterans_moving_forward (Instagram)

According to the VMF, there were over 280,000 veterans who have suffered traumatic brain injury from 2008 to 2018, while others develop anxiety and depression, PTSD, and other mental health issues. Service dogs can provide these people great comfort so the organization is keen in providing the right dog to the right recipient and makes sure their furry companion is a great help to them.

Photo Credit: @veterans_moving_forward (Instagram)

Those with physical disabilities also get to have pups who are trained to do simple things for them like opening doors, bringing them items like medication or water, and even finding help when there is an emergency.

The group not only provides free service dogs, but they also help the veterans get connected with their local veterinarians as their pups need refresher trainings and monthly checkups.

Photo Credit: @veterans_moving_forward (Instagram)

It is such an amazing way to help our heroes and very inspiring indeed. We hope that this inspires more people from all over the world to support the organization.

Source: Inspire More