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Nosy Cats: Watch Curious Kitties Listen to Neighbors Fighting



Cats are perpetually curious beings.

They will be the first to inspect a new item in the house.

Cats are nosy, too. They can’t resist eavesdropping when neighbors are fighting. No, they will not be contented in just listening. They have to watch, of course.

The following videos are hilarious moments when cats were caught by their owners minding their neighbors’ business.

1. An adorable cat in Thailand was caught spying on the neighbors having a heated argument.

Meet SimSim. This super cute Persian cat couldn’t resist checking what was going on with his neighbors. He instantly knew something was up. The video shows one-year-old Simsim peering out of a window. The curious cat even put his paws on the windowsill to have a better view.

Simsim’s mom posted the video on TikTok with a caption: “This cat behaves just like me.”

2. This cat had to stand on a chair to get a better view of the unfolding drama outside.

This is hilarious! This gossip-loving cat had to stand on its two hind legs to get a better view of his neighbors fighting. The cat named Itim was caught by his owner standing in their backyard in Batangas province, in the Philippines.


The owner said: “This is my first time seeing him like that and he looks like a real gossiper wanting to watch and hear it all.’ while the neighbors screamed at each other during a heated argument.

3. Kitty loves eavesdropping on arguing neighbors.

4. This sweet cat just loves to spy on his neighbor.


“Do you mind” (ig: @malen.xy) ♬ original sound – Betch

TikTok user @betch shared this hilarious video of the moment she caught her neighbor’s cat spying on her. The woman, Malwina Olszewska, was filming from a high-rise apartment block when the cat popped into view.

Malwina captioned the video: “Do you mind.”

5. This one is just plain nosy, LOL!

When the neighbours are arguing outside

Okay, this is not a video of a nosy cat but this clip is way too funny, we can’t help but include it in this list. The audio clip was taken from an episode of Dance Moms.