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Nurses Are Superhumans…But Still Humans, So Show Some Gratitude To Your Frontliners Today



  • Nurses go to work and care for their patients with reverence and with a smile even during a pandemic.
  • Despite their personal challenges, they continue to do what they always do—to make sure you are cared for.
  • But they are humans too, and like any other human, they too feel fear, and get tired, especially during these times.

Nurses gather around to listen to another briefing about plans and policies to ensure safety amidst the novel coronavirus pandemic. They ask only important questions and give relevant suggestions.

Nobody complains nor laughs nor shows disregard, everyone is serious. They listen intently about the matters of protective gear and other personal protective equipment running low and hospitals being understaffed with nurses. Throughout the discussion they had to stay standing and not a single soul whined, “that’s it. I’m outta here!”

That’s how nurses do their work. They don’t have a choice but to get tougher when times get rough.

Nurses in the military have a really tough job as they work long hours with no rest days until reservists arrive. It is an honorable job, yes, but honestly, they do their job however hard it may become because, “that’s what you told me to do, Lieutenant Dan.” Without questions. Although it is a little different however for civilian nurses.

Photo Credit: Luis Melendez

Nurses are humans too with human emotions and human needs. They may look resilient but they also feel fear, they worry about their loved ones and they get overwhelmed. They are the ones who are most afraid to get sick and take the COVID-19 home to their families. They also get tired and yet they still have to do chores at home. 

They are not exempted from the virus, but they have to get to work and set aside their fears. With their training and knowledge, they stand as frontliners despite all their human emotions and concerns. They could refuse extra work but they wouldn’t do that. And they stay calm in the midst of turbulence. 

It may sound like overly sensationalizing nurses but they are such amazing men and women. Despite their personal challenges, they come to work and wear a smile. 

Photo Credit: BERNAMA

Things at the hospitals must be crazy these days. But you still won’t hear them complain. They will care for their patients full of compassion and skill. Saving lives is their priority. They are like superhumans but still…humans—doing regular things humans do.

They are our frontliners. In spite of all the odds, they reverently carry out their duty to serve. In these times of uncertainties, one thing is constant, your loyal nurses doing what they always do, care for you and make sure you’re okay.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

So today, tell a nurse you are thankful for them for a job well done—and all the other frontliners, the doctors, the police officers, and all others who go to work for you—show them gratitude!

Source: Inspire More