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Office Adventures: The Purr-fect Museum Mascot



Quick Smiles:

  • Sir Indiana Bones, or Indy, is an affectionate and charismatic cat who chose the Skeletons Museum of Osteology staff during their visit to the Moore Animal Shelter. Adopted to boost office morale, Indy has become a well-loved mascot and a charming addition to the museum.
  • Indy quickly made himself at home in the museum and office, establishing his favorite spots and joining in various museum activities like yoga events and art classes. He’s even allowed free rein of the museum on weekends, enhancing the museum’s lively atmosphere.
  • The museum staff respects Indy’s independent nature, allowing him space when he needs it while appreciating his sociability. His interactions with museum guests bring joy and smiles, proving that he’s more than just an office pet – he’s a vital part of the team.

If you’ve ever pondered the question, “What would make the perfect office pet?” you may want to ask the staff at the Skeletons Museum of Osteology.

They found the most unexpected and adorable answer in a small furry package called Sir Indiana Bones, or Indy for short.

When the Kitty Committee (as the staff affectionately calls themselves) at the museum decided to adopt a pet, they initially debated the perfect fit – a kitten? An adult cat?

The discussion ceased when a charismatic feline at the Moore Animal Shelter chose them instead.

Brenna Glover, a committee member, reminisced about their trip to the shelter.


“Indy made sure to get and keep our attention. He would grab Kristin (a Kitty Committee member) with his paw, slink around us and give everyone the most adorable snuggles. We knew Indy was the one. He chose us.”

With the adoption fee waived, the committee nervously introduced Indy to his new museum home, wondering how he would adapt.

The worries proved to be unfounded as Indy quickly found his favorite spots and made himself at home.

β€œIn the beginning, he would test his limits specifically climbing on the skulls hanging on the wall,” Glover said.


β€œWhen we would find him being a bit naughty, we would say, β€˜SIR, NO!’ And that is how the Sir came about.”

Sir Indiana Bones quickly established his reign, showcasing an array of favorite spots based on his mood and activities at the museum.

β€œHe loves to snuggle up under the elephant skull on the floor,” Glover shared, adding that Indy also enjoys leading yoga events, basking in sunny spots in the gift shop, and even attending art classes.

Behind the scenes, Indy also spends a significant amount of time in the office areas, but he has free rein of the museum during weekends.


When he’s not there, he’s likely enjoying a cozy weekend at a committee member’s home.

Glover reports that Indy generally loves interacting with museum guests, particularly if it results in belly rubs.

Yet, the team is mindful of his moods and respects his need for solitude when it arises.

β€œHe’s an independent man who does what he wants,” Glover said with a smile.


Initially adopted to boost office morale, Sir Indiana Bones has turned into a beloved mascot, delighting both staff and visitors.

In an environment full of bones, it seems that a little bit of fur and lots of personality were the missing elements in making the Skeletons Museum of Osteology a place full of joy and life.