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Ontario Dads Club Stands Against Racism



  • A Black Lives Matter post prompted Jamaican immigrant and Dads Club member Mo Ellis to relate his own experience of being targeted with racial slurs while working a shift at his second job
  • Dads Club president decides to inform other members and decide to raise funds in secret for Ellis’ family
  • Club was able to raise $7,000 and gave the family a LEGO set for their daughter, a check for the wife’s tuition, and a prepaid Mastercard  

Black Lives Do Matter and an Ontario Dads Club proves that it will not tolerate racism being done to its members but instead welcome everyone from diverse backgrounds.

In order to be a part of and be close to his community, Jamaican immigrant Maurice (MO) Ellis joined Dad Club London in Ontario, Canada.

Photo Credit: Ontario Dads Club

Club member Ryan Blake said, “Like many other local fathers, he found us on our Facebook group, came out to an event, and fell in love with what we do. [Mo] isn’t the first Black dad in the club. We have members from all races and backgrounds, including gay dads.”

One day, Dad Club London founder and president, Jeremy McCall, posted a Black Lives Matter message on their Facebook page.  This touched Ellis and prompted him to share a racism incident where he was targeted with racial slurs at his workplace. “It’s not just me that it happens to. If you’re not mentally strong it can take a toll.”

Knowing how Mo has been supporting his family by taking on two jobs while paying for his wife’s    tuition, and now this racial slur, McCall decided to raise funds for the family secretly.

The group was able to raise $7,000 from contributions from numerous businesses, 70 families, and the local police union. While maintaining 6 feet apart in a hushed parking lot, the group presented the gifts to the family— A prepaid Mastercard for Mo to cover their living expenses, the biggest LEGO set for their daughter Amara, and a check for Caroline’s college tuition.

Mo’s wife Caroline said, “I thought it was a Dad Club meeting!”

With tears falling down on everyone’s faces, McCall said in his speech, “What happened to you doesn’t represent this community. We don’t stand for that. When you said, ‘I guess that’s the way the world is,’ it broke our hearts because it can’t be that way, and we won’t let it . . . We, together, stand as a community against racism.”

Source: Good News Network