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Orphaned Baby Possum Clings to Police Officer



Quick Smiles:

  • Orphaned baby possum Hush, found stranded on an Australian highway, was rescued by compassionate police officers.
  • Despite seeming like she saw the officer as a maternal figure, Hush was too young for back-riding, seeking the comfort of a shaded pouch.
  • Under the diligent care of Shelly Burrowes from Hamilton Wildlife Shelter, Hush is thriving, with plans for her eventual return to the wild.

Stranded by the roadside of an Australian highway was a young, orphaned possum named Hush.

Her vulnerability might have ended tragically if not for the observant eyes of passing police officers.

Witnessing her plight, they immediately sprang into action.

Once safe, Hush found comfort by attaching herself to a kind officer’s shoulder.

“With a snug embrace and a cozy shoulder perch, Hush waited calmly,” the officers recounted in a Facebook post detailing the incident.


Upon hearing about Hush’s situation, Shelly Burrowes, the proprietor of Hamilton Wildlife Shelter, stepped in, eager to lend her expertise.

“The news of Hush deeply touched me,” shared Burrowes with The Dodo.

Although one might speculate that Hush saw the officer as a motherly figure, Burrowes clarified that wasn’t likely. She believed Hush was too young to be comfortable back-riding.

“She’d just be at the stage to begin back-riding on her mom, but she’d undoubtedly favor the sanctuary of a shadowy pouch,” Burrowes explained.

As days went by, Hush started acclimating to her newfound sanctuary.

“Hush is making great strides,” said Burrowes. “Though still somewhat timid and cautious, her self-assurance is blossoming.”


Facebook (Hamilton Wildlife Shelter)

In due course, when Hush reaches maturity, she’ll be reintroduced to the wild. Embracing her natural environment, she’ll craft a cozy niche amidst the flora, establishing her dominance.

“She’ll be set free in a safe haven abundant with indigenous flora,” added Burrowes.

“Roaming freely, she’ll eventually pinpoint and establish her own domain, cementing it as her forever home.”