Owner Opens Shop To Stray Cat Begging To Get Inside During Heatwave [Video]

  • One of Saudi Arabia’s regions is experiencing a heatwave and a stray cat is asking for shelter at the door of an electronics shop.
  • The owner kindly welcomed the cat inside and even provided food and water.
  • The stray cat’s expression is of relief and gratefulness for the shelter and kindness.

Stray cats are exposed to the mercy of the elements.  In scorching heat or freezing winter, they trudge on to find food and shelter.

They are lucky if they can find a place to stay.  One kitty in Saudi Arabia was fortunate to ask for shelter from a compassionate shop owner.

Rayan Algamadi owns an electronics shop in one of Saudi Arabia’s regions suffering from a heatwave.  The cat was asking to be shown inside by pawing at the shop’s front door.  In the shop’s video, the dirty and disheveled cat poor cat is shown desperately waiting to be allowed entry.

Rayan, bless his heart, invited the feline into his shop.  You can hear Rayan say, “Welcome, welcome. She wants to get in. Come on. Welcome, welcome. The sun is hot today, right? Welcome, welcome.”

And it is quite obvious from the cat’s reaction her relief at being given refuge from the heat and gratitude towards Rayan. @rayan_algamdi #explor #اكسبلور #fyp #like #لايك #foryou ♬ الصوت الأصلي – RAYAN

But Rayan’s kindness did not stop at giving the cat a sanctuary.  He also gave the cat some food and water.

That is not the first time that Rayan had let the stray cat in. The homeless feline has been frequenting the shop since last month, knowing that Rayan will let him inside.

May Rayan’s tribe increase and the earth be blessed with more compassionate people for the less fortunate strays.

Source: The Dodo

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