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Parents Had To Cancel Their 15th Anniversary Trip, So Their Kids Set Up A Romantic Breakfast For Them



  • Brenden and Jacqui Brown were supposed to renew their vows in a little white chapel in Las Vegas for their 15th anniversary.
  • But they had to cancel that because of the imposed quarantine to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
  • So their kids prepared a romantic restaurant-ish breakfast for them.

When the kids realized that their parents couldn’t make it to their 15th wedding anniversary trip because of the coronavirus, brothers Jayden, 11, and Jentzen, 9, decided to take it on themselves and work together to give their parents the best date they could ever have.

Brenden and Jacqui Brown, initially planned to have a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate their anniversary by renewing their vows in a little white chapel with Elvis. But they had to cancel their plan after the government imposed precautionary measures to stop the spread of the virus.

Photo Credit: @jacquibrown (Instagram)

It’s not only them, many people around the world are dismayed with the cancellation of their plans as travels are restricted and gatherings are prohibited. Gratefully, the two boys are too sweet to find a way to make the occasion incredibly memorable without going against the quarantine.

On the special day, the boys woke up early and made arrangements to transform their house into a fancy restaurant. They then woke up their parents and ushered them for a lovely breakfast.

They were dressed as waiters and set up the table for a romantic date complete with flowers and candles. They even created the menu themselves and Jentzen took the orders while Jayden cooked them.

But that’s not all, they also made the moment more indulging with a live music performance. Oh! What a surely lovely experience!

Photo Credit: @jacquibrown (Instagram)

In a video recorded by Jacqui, Jentzen said to them, “Your breakfast served by waiter Jentzen and made by cook Jayden,” as he put their plates on the table.

After having tasted the food, Brenden said in approval, “It could be the best Frosted Flakes I’ve ever had in my life.”

Photo Credit: @jacquibrown (Instagram)

Jacqui and Brenden were so happy with what their kids have done. “They truly made the day so special and an anniversary we will never forget!” Jacqui exclaimed!

She even gave the boys a tip for such a wonderful job. 


Source: Tank’s Good News