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Parrot Undergoes Feather Transplant After Her Wing Are Trimmed



  • Wei Wei the bird was taken into the vet because she suddenly was not able to fly.
  • The poor parrot had her feathers trimmed too much, that is why she cannot lift herself up into the air.
  • Dr. Catherine Apuli had her in the air in no time, repairing the damage on her plumage using transplanted feathers.

Dr. Catherine Apuli is a veterinarian currently based in Brisbane, Australia, and she has soft spots for birds. The doctor has had encountered many different animals in her line of work, but she is most passionate about helping these feathered creatures.

She sees to it that pet owners are educated on the proper way of caring for their animals. Recently, her clinic shared photos of a procedure performed to help a parrot fly again.

The Unusual Pet Vets

Dr. Apuli had pinpointed the problem immediately upon the arrival of the bird into The Unusual Pet Vets. While it is common for pet owners with birds to clip the feathers once in a while, this poor parrot’s feathers had been trimmed too much.

The Unusual Pet Vets

Wei Wei the bird was in no immediate danger, seeing as the bird could have molted and grown new feathers in the days to come. It was her inability to fly that could lead to falling and hurting herself was the real problem.  

Thankfully, Dr. Apuli was around to save the day!

The Unusual Pet Vets

Dr. Apuli performed the imping technique on the bird to repair the damage on her plumage using transplanted feathers.

While it may appear daunting in the pictures taken, the procedure that had donor feathers glued onto her wings was non-invasive, and painless given that the bird was put under anesthesia.

The Unusual Pet Vets

The best part was that when the bird woke up post-procedure, she could now fly again!

The details of the procedure were shared on Facebook, “They were a perfect fit, and Wei Wei’s owners report that she is doing well at home, spreading her wings,” adding, “When Wei Wei is a little older she will molt her feathers and grow new wing feathers of her own.”

The Unusual Pet Vets

The parrot before going home paid for the new feathers with an extra big hug.

Thank you, Catherine, for the devotion you hold that keep Wei Wei and so many other animals safe.

Source: Inspire More