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Penguin-Loving Grandma’s Dream Comes True with Unforgettable Surprise



Quick Smiles:

  • An elderly woman’s dream of petting a real penguin comes true, thanks to her daughter’s thoughtful Christmas gift.
  • The woman, a retired special needs teacher, has always felt a deep connection to penguins, relating to their clumsy land movements and graceful water glides.
  • Overwhelmed with joy, she couldn’t stop thanking her daughter for the unforgettable experience.

Christine Cross, a 76-year-old penguin enthusiast, got the surprise of her life when her daughter Lindsay Cross made her lifelong dream come true. This Christmas, Lindsay gifted her mother something that brought tears of joy to her eyes – the chance to pet a real penguin!

The heartening moment was captured on video at SeaWorld in San Diego, California. Christine, visibly moved, couldn’t contain her excitement.

Lindsay remembers her mother’s reaction, “When I actually told her about the present she didn’t say any words. It was more like an excited noise.”

Christine, a retired special needs teacher, has always felt a special bond with penguins.

“She associated herself with them because they’re clumsy on land but graceful in the water. My mum was the same. She’s an absolute clutz but as soon as she gets in the water she’s so graceful,” Lindsay says.

Christine’s love for penguins extends far beyond this delightful encounter. She has been sponsoring these adorable creatures in zoos for years, sending funds for their care. Her home is a testament to her love for these birds, filled with penguin-themed items.

“She’s a big fan and has been collecting penguins her whole life—toys, figurines, pencils, clothes with penguins on them, paintings, Christmas decorations, anything,” Lindsay shares.


After their unforgettable trip to SeaWorld, Christine couldn’t stop expressing her gratitude. “When we got back I lost count of how many times she said thank you!” Lindsay recalls.

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