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Penguin Rings in Surprising Wedding Ceremony Role



Quick Smiles:

  • An unexpected wedding surprise included a penguin as a ring bearer.
  • The delightful creature waddled down the aisle carrying the rings on a pink ribbon.
  • The penguins were so soft and friendly, adding an extra special touch to the couple’s big day.

What a delightful twist at a recent wedding ceremony in Chester, England. The groom, Joe Keilty, prepared an unexpected surprise for his bride, Kerri Parry, which involved four special, feathered guests.

Kerri, a nurse, has a well-known fascination for penguins. Imagine her surprise when she saw a penguin sauntering down the aisle alongside the best man, Daniel, creating an unforgettable moment during the ceremony.

In a fun twist, Daniel and the groomsmen playfully pretended that the rings had disappeared, making a swift exit from the ceremony. They returned with a penguin trailing behind them, a pink ribbon tied around its neck, holding the rings securely.

This heartwarming moment was caught on video. The penguin flawlessly delivered the rings, then patiently waited throughout the rest of the ceremony. The bird then joined its three other companions, along with the rest of the guests, for the post-ceremony photos.

Kerri expressed her delight and surprise, stating that the presence of her favorite animals made the day even more memorable. She said, “I’ve always loved penguins. I find them really fascinating. I frequently visit wildlife parks and zoos to see them.”

Speaking of her new husband’s knack for surprises, Kerri said, “Joe is really good at surprises—I had no idea until I saw the penguin carrying the rings.”


Earlier this year, Joe had arranged for Kerri to feed the penguins at the Chester Zoo as a Valentine’s Day surprise. At the zoo, she learned about the birds’ peculiar liking for tummy tickles. However, she couldn’t touch them due to zoo regulations.

So Joe, thinking about how he could let his wife-to-be interact with penguins, spent two thousand pounds to get these special guests to the wedding. The penguins came from a company, “Amazing Animals,” that has been providing wildlife for movies, television, and charitable events across Europe since 1977.

During the wedding, the penguins freely mingled with the guests and were content being petted. Reflecting on the experience, Joe said, “They were so soft and friendly. The penguins made our perfect day extra special.”


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