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Pet Owners Are Loving Face Masks Printed With Their Pet’s Face



  • An online shop in Canada called Dogs And Dorks sells adorable items about pups and other things.
  • They also ventured into printing pet’s snout on facemasks and it became a hit!
  • Pet owners would send photos of their pet’s face and they use them for printing which people absolutely love!

The Dogs And Dorks Canada-based shop in online store Etsy sells adorable items that are about the man’s best friend and others. The best thing about it is they also personalize the printing of your beloved pet’s face in a face mask!

Denise Smandych and Danielle Schule, the owners of the shop, have since sold 100 pieces of personalized face masks in three weeks. 

Photo Credit: SWNS

Danielle, who is from Calgary, Canada, and the operations manager of the shop, said the inspiration came from her own dog named Ragley who has crooked teeth.

“I was staring at my computer and my Boston terrier smiled at me,” she said. “I snapped a picture of him, his teeth are so gross and funny and I decided to put them on a mask.”

Photo Credit: SWNS

It became a hit and many people are loving the hilarious and adorable look once the mask is on. Some customers even sent photos of them wearing the masks together with their furry friends.

“They make people laugh,” Danielle said. “I have received a lot of requests because it makes it more fun for the kids to wear masks.

Photo Credit: SWNS

What’s amazing is that it’s not limited to just pet dogs and cats. There was also a customer who requested to have his pet snake’s fangs printed as well.

“He sent us a fantastic picture and we did it and he was ecstatic.”

Photo Credit: SWNS

The personalized masks cost $15 each and Danielle hopes that personalizing them this way, would help convince more people to wear one.

Source: Good News Network