Photographer Captures Adorable Bond Between Wild Cat and Fox


  • A wildlife photographer in Turkey captured photos of a wild cat and a fox that appeared to be friends.
  • The photographer, Ali İhsan Öztürk, shared videos and photos of the unusual duo on his Instagram page.
  • The photos were taken in Van, Turkey.

A beautiful friendship between a wild cat and a fox was captured by wildlife photographer Ali İhsan Öztürk in Van, Turkey.

The heartwarming photos and videos were shared on his Instagram page, and show the unlikely pair spending time together. “Fox and cat’s friendship. I couldn’t believe even while taking the picture.

What a beautiful friendship,” he said. These photos remind us that even in the animal kingdom, friendship knows no bounds!


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I love the photos of the cat and the fox and also the cat and the rabbit. I love to see odd pairs get along so well.

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