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Pianist’s Adorable Cat is Living his Best Life Getting Massages From Piano Keys! [Video]



  • Vietnamese pianist Thầy Minh has grown his YouTube channel’s popularity thanks to his talent — and his cat!
  • The adorable Haburu is always featured in his videos, since the lazy cat loves living his best life on the piano.
  • Haburu simply loves spending time on the piano because of the tight space that’s just perfect for napping while getting a calming massage.

Cats have a strange affinity for tight spaces, whether it be boxes, glass bowls, or tight corners. For them, these cramped spaces are the perfect napping spots.

This phenomenon is well-known by Vietnamese pianist Thầy Minh. His YouTube channel, which has over 404,000 subscribers, has grown in popularity not just because of his talent but also because of his cat!

Photo Credit: YouTube/Haburu

Just take a look at the adorable Haburu sleeping on top of the piano:

Photo Credit: YouTube/Haburu

Haburu has made it a habit to cozy up to the piano whenever his dad is playing. It’s like the gentle melodies were meant to be lullabies for him!

It’s a plus that the piano also has a space that’s perfect for napping — it’s tight enough and the thumping of the piano’s hammers provide him a calming massage.

Photo Credit: YouTube/Haburu

Take a look at Haburu napping to “Yesterday” by The Beatles:

Haburu simply adds a touch of cuteness to the already gentle melodies that Minh plays.

You can check out more of these calming videos on their YouTube channel.

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