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Pile Of Snuggling Black Labradors Baffles Viewers As They Struggle To Count How Many They Are [Video]



  • TikTok videos of black Labrador pups snuggling in a pile have viewers trying to solve the puzzle of how many pups are there.
  • The pile usually shows snouts that can be easily counted but then another snout or two emerges and viewers are back to counting.
  • The dogs’ owner says that the dogs are comfortable and choose to pile on each other even when they have alternate beds and couches to sleep on.

Imogen Carr has given TikTok viewers a puzzle to solve: how many pups are there in the “Labrador Cuddle Puddle” video.

@icy_academy_cosplay Replying to @Autistic Turtle makes me so happy that these weirdos are making you happy 🥰 #dog #dogsoftiktok #dogs #labrador #labradorarmchair #labradorfurniture #icyaddicts ♬ original sound – Imogen Carr

Imogen’s black Labs really love to snuggle and in the video they are piled on top of each other as they settle for a nap.

In one video, at first glance, you will see a pile of three pups but as the camera zooms in on the puddle, a hidden face emerges— Sway.

Photo Credit: @icy_academy_cosplay (TikTok)

Imogen explained in a different TikTok video that “It’s almost always Sway.”

She said, “Sway will go and get comfy, she’ll go lay down, then one-by-one the others will just pile on top.”  She swears it happens when she blinks.

The bottom of the pile is where Sway loves to be although she’s not always the one who ends up there. Sometimes, the cuddle puddle would have Rogue at the bottom as he initiates the pileup.

@icy_academy_cosplay Replying to @BalerionB what about the not so secret labrador 🤣 #dog #dogs #labradorcuddlepuddle #dogsoftiktok #labradorfurniture #noisydog #snoringdog #icyaddicts ♬ original sound – Imogen Carr

Imogen has not been able to catch how the process starts on camera but has given followers insight on how the pile usually begins.

It might seem uncomfortable to end up at the bottom and to be piled on like that but Imogen says that the Labs prefer it that way. They choose to snuggle together in a pile even when there are couches and other beds available for them.

Photo Credit: @icy_academy_cosplay (TikTok)

It is not an optical illusion but a living and breathing cuddle puddle with identifiable snouts poking out. The dogs love being in a pile and a couple of cocker spaniels also enjoy the snuggles. Imogen or as @icy_academy_cosplay replied to a comment of @Autistic Turtle said: makes me so happy that these weirdos are making you happy.

And whenever she posts a cuddle puddle puzzle, the optical illusion is eagerly anticipated by followers who want to solve it. For who wouldn’t with an adorable snuggle like that?

Keep them coming, Imogen!

Source: The Dodo