Pilot Makes Sure the Tooth Fairy Does not Miss Out on A Girl’s Lost Tooth

  • Six-year-old Lena loses her tooth midflight on their way to New York City.
  • Lena gets upset about not being able to find the missing tooth and has nothing to show to the tooth fairy.
  • Airline Captain Josh Duchow decided to pen a note to the tooth fairy to explain what happened.

Midway on a flight to New York, 6-year-old Lena realized that something important was missing. Lena said, “I was sleeping on the airplane. My mom woke me up … and we were going to go pick our suitcases up. And I said, ‘Mommy, mommy, I think my tooth fell out.'”

They tried looking for her tooth but to no avail and security was closed at 2am.

This really made Lena upset. What can she show the tooth fairy? 

Photo Credit: Lauren Larmon

Upon learning of the girl’s predicament, Captain Josh Duchow decided to write a note to the tooth fairy.  He wrote: “Dear Tooth Fairy. Lena had a tooth fall out on her flight to Greenville. Please take this note in place of her tooth.”

Lena’s mom posted the note on her Instagram and Facebook accounts and thanked Captain Duchow and United Airlines.  She wrote in her caption, “I’m sure the Tooth Fairy will accept this note in lieu of a tiny tooth.”

Sure enough, the tooth fairy did accept the note saying, “’Lena, it is OK that you have lost your tooth on the airplane. I will get it. Keep brushing.’ “

Photo Credit: Lauren Larmon

In a statement, United Airlines said Captain Duchow’s gesture made them proud as moments like this “underscore our commitment to going above and beyond for our customers and creating an airline where Good Leads the Way.”

GSP International Airport also issued a statement that they “are thrilled Captain Josh was able to help connect Lena and the tooth fairy.”

Photo Credit: Lauren Larmon

In an interview with GMA, Lena said to Captain Josh, “You were very nice to me and thank you.” And to her tooth fairy, she said, “Thank you for not being mad at me. And thank you for all my gifts when I lost my teeth. I love you.”

Source: PEOPLE

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