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Pint-Size Chihuahua Breaks World Record for Shortest Dog



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  • Pearl, a chihuahua from Florida, has been officially named the world’s shortest dog living by Guinness World Records, measuring in at only 3.59 inches.
  • Owned by Vanesa Semler, Pearl broke the record previously held by her late aunt, Miracle Milly, who measured 3.8 inches.
  • Despite her tiny size, Pearl has a big personality and has become an internet sensation, spreading joy and inspiration with her playful antics and heartwarming story.

Dogs are known for their unconditional love and unwavering loyalty, but one little chihuahua from Florida has taken the world by storm with her tiny size and huge personality.

Guinness World Records

Meet Pearl, the officially crowned world’s shortest dog living according to Guinness World Records, measuring in at an astonishing height of only 3.59 inches! This pint-sized pup, owned by Orlando resident Vanesa Semler, has captured the hearts of many with her adorable appearance and heartwarming story.

Pearl’s journey to the world record started with her proud owner, Vanesa Semler, who was amazed by her tiny pet’s size from the moment she laid eyes on her. Pearl’s mother’s sister, Miracle Milly, had previously held the same record with a height of 3.8 inches. However, Milly had passed away in 2020, making Pearl the rightful heir to the title of the world’s shortest living dog.

To officially confirm Pearl’s record-breaking status, veterinarian Giovanni Vergel carefully measured her height and verified her achievement.

When the news was confirmed, Semler expressed her joy, stating, “We’re blessed to have her and to have this unique opportunity to break our own record and share with the world this amazing news.”

Guinness World Records

Pearl’s small size has brought immense joy to her owner and has become a source of inspiration for dog lovers around the globe.

Despite her tiny stature, Pearl possesses a larger-than-life personality. She is full of spunk and energy, always eager to explore her surroundings and play with her human companions.

Her playful antics and adorable antics have made her an internet sensation, with thousands of followers on social media who eagerly await updates on her adventures. Pearl has become a symbol of resilience and determination, proving that size is no barrier to making a big impact in the world.

Pearl’s story also shines a spotlight on the special bond between pets and their owners. Semler dotes on Pearl with love and care, providing her with a nurturing and happy home.


In return, Pearl showers her owner with unconditional love, bringing immense joy and laughter into Semler’s life. It is a heartwarming reminder of the positive impact that animals can have on our lives and the immeasurable happiness they bring.

Pearl’s record-breaking achievement is not the first in the history of tiny dogs. The shortest dog ever recorded was a dwarf Yorkshire terrier named Smoky, owned by British man Arthur Marples, measuring a mere 2.8 inches tall before his death in 1945. Smoky’s legacy lives on, and Pearl has followed in his tiny pawprints, continuing the tradition of small dogs making a big impact on the world.

Pearl’s story is a heartwarming tale of a tiny chihuahua who has captured the world’s attention with her small size and big personality. Her record-breaking achievement is a testament to her resilience, determination, and the special bond between pets and their owners. Pearl’s story brings a smile to the faces of readers worldwide, reminding us that even the smallest creatures can leave the biggest pawprints on our hearts. As Pearl continues to spread joy with her adorable presence, she serves as a beacon of positivity and inspiration for all. Long live Pearl, the world’s shortest dog living with a heart that is truly larger than life!

Source: UPI