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Pit Bull Paws His Way Into the Force, Becomes Fuzz’s Furry Favorite!



Quick Smiles:

  • A pit bull named Bolo wins over the hearts of Hopkinsville Police Department in just one day.
  • Bolo becomes the first-ever “Paw-trol Officer,” finding his fur-ever home with the police department.
  • Mayor J. R. Knight officially swears in Bolo during a city council meeting, marking the start of a sweet pup’s career on the force.

Meet Bolo, the pit bull who charmed his way into the Hopkinsville Police Department in just one day. This adorable pooch didn’t just find a home, he found a job! Now, he’s the first-ever “Paw-trol Officer” and has found his fur-ever home with the police department.

Bolo first strutted into the station in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, as part of a publicity program for the nearby Christian County Animal Shelter. His mission? To lend his handsome face to the Department’s social media posts to help him find a home. But little did he know, he was about to find so much more.

credit – Hopkinsville Police Department retrieved from Facebook

Police Chief Jason Newby recalls, “Oddly enough, everybody fell in love with him.”

And when it was time for Bolo to head back to the shelter, the officers just couldn’t bear it. As Bolo whimpered and dropped his head, the hearts of the officers melted. They decided then and there to adopt him. But they didn’t stop there. They signed him up for the blue and black!

During a Hopkinsville City Council meeting on a Tuesday, Bolo was officially made a part of the team. Mayor J. R. Knight swore him in as HPD’s very first Paw-trol Officer. The Department shared on Facebook, “We can’t wait to follow this sweet pup’s career on the force.”

The mayor recited the traditional oath about supporting the citizens of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, as a Paw-trol dog. He humorously concluded with, “You can bark if you want to.”

While Bolo didn’t bark, he did commit to his bright future with an inky paw print and a photo.

So, here’s to Bolo, the irresistible Paw-trol Officer who’s ready to serve and protect. Share his story with your dog-loving friends!