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Pit Bull Plops Down on Fluffy Dogs at the Doggy Daycare, Using Them as Pillows for Naptime



  • Edna spends time in one doggy daycare, playing with other dog friends, then she takes a nap afterward, using these same friends as pillows.
  • It does not matter how big or small the other dog is, as long as they are soft and warm to cuddle with.
  • Her owner finds it difficult to peel her off other dogs, trying to take her home from the daycare at the end of the day.

This pit bull splits her day in half, playtime or nap time. These are two things the dog could skip in her regular day.

This is why the doggy daycare she is brought to, from time to time, is perfect. Edna could run around all day long with her other dog friends, then she could take a nap afterward, using her dog friends as pillows.

Instagram | Edna

Brianna Gottfried from Green Bay, Wisconsin admits that she knows about this habit of her dog. The pit bull uses other dogs as her pillows whenever she takes her nap ever since she was a puppy.

Instagram | Edna

Every time the pit bull spends her day playing around, spending her energy, she picks one fluffy dog in the daycare and plops right down on top of them before her naptime.

It does not matter how big or small the other dog is, as long as they are soft and warm. Edna would cuddle up against them.

Instagram | Edna

“All the dogs seem to enjoy the snuggling company,” Brianna says. “Even the tiny wiener dogs.”

Instagram | Edna

The pit bull enjoys these cuddle sessions to the point that her owner finds it difficult to bring her home from the doggy daycare. If she had her way, these sessions would not probably end.

“When it’s time to go home, I always have to peel her off of another dog,” Brianna said.

It is a good thing that she has a brother at home. The pit bull uses him as a pillow for when she is at home and Earl does not seem to mind that Edna does this whenever they sleep.

Even now that she getting bigger at 8 months old, she refuses to give up cuddling, no matter how difficult could it be with her size. She always finds the perfect spot for a nap, it does not matter if she would have to squeeze herself in a small place, as long as she gets to cuddle.

Instagram | Edna

What a sweetheart! Edna prefers cuddling with other dogs, using them as her pillow, but there are people out there who would like to cuddle with her for sure, in a heartbeat.  

You can see more of this cute pit bull on Instagram.

Source: Inspire More