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Pitbull Brings Injured Bird To Mom And Waits Until It’s OK



  • Charlie helped out an injured bird he found motionless on the ground.
  • The dog picked her up, hauled the bird over to his mom, and waited to make sure that everything is fine.
  • When the bird recovered, the dog and his mom released her back into their backyard.

Charlie’s family rescued and provided him everything that he would need. Because of this, he developed into the sweetest dog on this planet. He is gentle and compassionate about everyone and everything around him.

One time, there was this one bird that slammed into their window. Curious, Charlie headed out to check the situation and found the bird motionless on the ground. For him, stepping up was the proper thing to do.

 “He found the bird right after she flew into my living room window,” Elizabeth Houston said, describing her dog’s actions.

Charlie found the bird helpless. He wanted to help, so he picked the bird up using his mouth, hauled her over to his mom before putting the bird on her lap. The bird is still not moving. He then waited for her to do something about the injured animal. For him, rescue and rehabilitation is something she can do without fail.

“He and my Bostons kept a close eye on me and the bird the whole time,” Elizabeth said. 

The bird’s condition improved and she started chirping. This is perhaps the most excited he has been about something. Clearly, he is looking forward to seeing his new friend improve.

“The look on Charlie’s face was priceless,” Elizabeth said. 

The bird recovered. Elizabeth performed the final inspection before she released the animal. One thing is for sure, the bird recovered because of his quick thinking. Charlie and his family hope that his story will inspire people to understand pit bulls more.

Source: The Dodo