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Pizza Delivery Guy Stunned To Receive $100 Tip From A Customer Who Placed Less Than $30 Order [Video]



  • Doug Barlow decided to do something random and special for the pizza delivery guy who brought him his ordered meal.
  • On the video from a security camera that captured William Felks who delivered the pizza, he was seen shocked as he opened the envelope with a thank you note and a $100 tip!
  • Doug is grateful for the daily heroes and he wants other customers like him to be generous and do some small gestures of kindness.

A Tennessee resident decided to do something random and special for the person who delivered him food last weekend. 

Doug Barlow ordered pizza from a local Pizza Hut store and thought it’d be nice to give a huge tip to the delivery driver, three times more than the usual cost of his order — a medium pizza and some chicken wings for about $30.

The lucky Pizza Hut delivery guy, William Felks, dropped off a contactless food delivery request at Doug’s house in Sumner County on Sunday. Then he grabbed the envelope left outside and walked away unsuspecting. 

Unbeknownst to him, Doug had placed the envelope there that contained a thank you note and a $100 tip! Just as he was about to approach his car, a security camera caught his reaction stupefied when he discovered what was inside the envelope. He turned around, stared at Doug’s house, maybe trying to process what was going on.

Doug on the other hand, is just happy that despite the difficult situation, he still has a job, as a measurement tech, and giving back to others like William, is just about the best thing to do.

Photo Credit: Doug Barlow

“It was very heartwarming to see his reaction, he really did appreciate it. He saw my little note I left him letting him know that the tip was not a mistake, and for him to enjoy it,” Doug told TODAY Food. “I just feel in these times with everything that is going on, people are struggling. I’m fortunate to still be working, so why not make somebody’s day?”

Later on, while on his way back to the store, William called Doug and expressed his thanks for the unexpected tip.

“It made my week,” he said.

Doug is grateful for the daily heroes since pandemic and his message to other customers like him who lean on to online ordering and contactless delivery, to take small gestures of kindness and make someone’s day because they might be going through some rough time and a small gesture can go a long way!


Source: TODAY.Com