Pizza Guy Runs Into Burning Home To Save 5 Children Trapped Inside [Video]

  • Pizza delivery driver Nick Bostik saw a house on fire and immediately ran to save the family.
  • He led the first members of the family to safety and went back to get a child in spite of the thick smoke and raging fire.
  • Bostik injured himself when he smashed a second-floor window to get the child to the firefighters but all he was thinking about was the child’s safety.

You do not really know what adrenaline can do when faced with a crisis.  Nick Bostik is a pizza delivery driver in Lafayette, Indiana and he now knows that he would not flee from danger but instead, be fueled to act by adrenaline.

Upon seeing a house on fire while driving, Nick immediately reversed his car and knocked on the house’s door while pleading for its residents to go out.  Not hearing a reply or seeing anyone going out, he circled the house and found a backdoor and barged inside.

Nick immediately checked from room to room and when he got upstairs, met 18-year-old Seionna Barrett, who was then babysitting her three siblings aged 1, 6, and 13. He led them outside and learned that 6-year-old Kaylani could not be located.

Photo Credit: Nick Bostic (Facebook)

Without hesitation, Nick again plunged back into the thick smoke guided only by the child’s cries.  When he found her on the first floor, the opening was already blocked by fire and so he had to go back upstairs.  He then smashed a window by hand and jumped while grasping the child.

He handed the child to the first rescue worker he saw and said, “That’s everyone.”

While being attended to for his injured arm, all that Nick was concerned about was the child as he said, “Is the baby OK? Please tell me the baby’s OK.”

What a hero!  And for the Barrett family, an angel.

The entire community is rewarding the hero with a GoFundMe in his name that has already raised more than $570,000 aside from helping him with his medical bills and receiving certificates from the Mayor and the departments of Police and Fire.

May your tribe increase, Nick Bostik!

Source: Inspire More

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