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Pizza Hut Deliveryman Uses His Own Tips Feeding Poor People in the Streets Amid Coronavirus Lockdown



  • This Pizza Hut deliveryman uses the tip money he collected to buy bread he would later distribute to the homeless people.
  • The deliveryman shares his story of growing hungry back when he was a child. This pushes him tom help people, he says.
  • He, later on, receives a 10,000 pesos-worth of check from his employer after they found out what he was doing.

Everyday heroes unmask themselves as the world faces this coronavirus crisis.

The coronavirus pandemic had forced the Philippines into a lockdown. What this means for Raina Ominga, owner of Raina’s Bakery in San Juan del Monte, Bulacan, is that business will be down with more people staying inside their houses.

Raymond Papellero, a Pizza Hut deliveryman, comes by the bakery on a daily basis, buying 300 pieces of bread from her shop. Curious, the shop owner questioned the delivery man about the number of bread he buys. His answer to the question left her astounded. It turns out that this delivery man was using the tip money he collected to buy bread he would later distribute to the homeless people in Quezon City.

She decided to share the story on Facebook, impressed after hearing about his cause. Raymond said that he understands too well how it feels to go hungry, sharing his childhood story wherein he had to go through days without food. This, he says, is what pushes him into helping other people in need.

“They could be found around Araneta Center, and I think I see more of them as the days go by,” he said. “There are no shoppers who could give food to them [because of the Luzon lockdown]. Even some of them who don’t even look like beggars are asking for food.”

“When I give them food, they end up crying. They even tell me that their last meal was the night before I spoke to them. I know that what I am giving is not enough but at least they could survive for a few hours. I hope someone else could give them [food, too].”

The lockdown in his community complicates how he makes a living, with three kids back at home and pregnant wife now out of work. This does not, however, stop him from helping other people. He says that doing good makes him feel better, so he uses up his tip money and a portion of what he makes in a day to buy food for the homeless.

“I’m doing this to help people and I’m not expecting anything in return. God will take care of me,” he said.

The Facebook post sharing what he does moved people. From then on, donations poured in for his cause. The money he collected from there, he used to buy water to give out with the bread. Raymond receives a 10,000 pesos-worth of check from Pizza Hut after his employer found out what he was doing.

Raymond says that knowing he did something good to help people is the true reward. No matter the case, he says that he will continue carrying out the cause to ensure that the people in his neighborhood are okay. This is another inspiration, people stepping up to help when the rest of the world is forced to step back.


Source: Inspire More