Playful Dog Can’t Wait To Wake His Human Family Every Morning [Video]

  • Chadd Morabito’s yellow merle Louie picked up a morning routine about two months ago.
  • Louie learned that everytime his little human brothers’ sound machine timer goes off, it means it’s time to wake up.
  • The sweet dog would immediately go outside their bedroom and wait until someone opens the door for him so he can wake the two boys up.

Louie, a rare yellow Merle, began a routine about two months ago, according to his dad Chadd Morabito.

“My boys, ages 3 and 5, have a sound machine timer, and when it goes off it means it’s time to start waking up — but they don’t pay attention to it,” Chadd told The Dodo.

Louie, being the curious dog that he is, always pays attention so he caught on quickly to the sound meaning it’s wake-up time.

“Now every morning [he] will run to their door the second their sound machine goes off to give kisses and say good morning,” Chad said.

He added that his 5-year-old Jude, who was sleeping on the top bunk, does not care for it too much. However, his youngest Dylan, who sleeps on the bottom, :absolutely loves it and looks forward to it!”

Photo Credit: u/Ok-Maintenance-2682 (Reddit)

Louie’s big brother, Bear, doesn’t take part in the early morning festivities, but tags along for support.

As the unofficial alarm, Louie takes his job very seriously.

But Louie has other quirks aside from waking his favorite humans. Getting attention is his specialty.

Photo Credit: u/Ok-Maintenance-2682 (Reddit)

“If you have your phone open, he will squeeze between you and your screen to give kisses,” Morabito said. “He will bark at you if you don’t say hi to him constantly. My wife and I are interrupted quite frequently during conversation to say hello to him.”

The spunky shepherd also loves jumping on the trampoline with the kids and being held like a baby, but Morabito doesn’t mind those quirks.

“Louie has genuinely brought me so much happiness,” Morabito said. “He is so attentive to our needs and is always there to brighten up my boys’ and my day.”

Source: The Dodo

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