Playful Dog Got A Toilet Seat Stuck Around His Neck!

  • Rocky is a gentle giant who loves his humans without question. 
  • But despite being a gentle soul, he still likes to get a little adventurous at times. 
  • Recently, when he was left alone at home, he got his head stuck into a toilet seat and it was hilarious!

As his family fondly describes him, Rocky is a friendly giant. He adores his humans and is always gentle with his siblings. Given his gentle character, he naturally hates fireworks and pheasants. However, being a dog, he too loves to explore things and sometimes, he gets into a place he’s not supposed to go. 

Recently, he was left alone at home and his mom was certain he would get a little adventurous, especially upstairs, but she just hoped he would not find a lot of trouble with whatever he gets himself into. 

“Rocky is not allowed upstairs but he literally goes there every time he’s home alone,” his mom, Gosia Zywicka Neto, told The Dodo. “He knows that’s where the cat food is.”

Photo Credit: Gosia Zywicka Neto

When she came home, as expected, Rocky wasn’t around to greet her. She suspected Rocky was upstairs so she headed there immediately. 

She found him in horror locked in the bathroom. But what was more horrifying was that he got his head stuck with a toilet seat. 

“I guess eating all the cat food made him so thirsty that he decided to drink from the toilet,” Gosia shared on Facebook. “Unlucky for him, [the] small toilet seat was on top of the toilet and got stuck on his head. He panicked, trying to free himself and shut the door.”

Photo Credit: Gosia Zywicka Neto

Rocky looked guilty going around the bathroom with a toilet seat on his head. But at the same time, he was happy to see mom and get help removing it from his head. 

“It took me an hour to find a way to cut the seat as it was made of hard plastic,” she said.

Finally, she was able to remove the toilet seat around his neck. He was thankful he’s out from his little predicament but Gosia is sure he would still sneak upstairs whenever he gets the chance. The big boy just loves eating his cat sibling’s food. 

“Hopefully he’s learned his lesson (but I’m almost sure he hasn’t),” Gosia wrote.

Source: The Dodo

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