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Plump Cat Slims Down with Unique Swimming Regimen



Quick Smiles:

  • A plump cat named Moses has embarked on a unique fitness journey with swimming lessons designed to reduce his weight.
  • Moses has not only lost pounds but is also livelier thanks to this new regimen.
  • Despite the common notion that cats dislike water, Moses calmly awaits his pool time.

Meet Moses, a remarkably large feline weighing more than double his ideal weight. Roughly the size of a French bulldog, Moses has commenced an impressive path of weight loss, employing a method often used for humans dealing with joint issues or excess weight. The unconventional solution? Hydrotherapy.

Now nine, Moses gained weight due to his disinclination to participate in outdoor activities or any form of exercise, a reluctance that remained despite numerous attempts by his owner to implement various diets.

The team at Avonvale Veterinary Centre in Wellesbourne, Warwickshire, confirm that Moses’s fitness journey is showing good progress. “When he first arrived, Moses was close to 10kg in weight,” disclosed Olivia Stokes, a veterinary hydrotherapist, equivalent to about 22 pounds. “His owner mentioned putting him on diets and encouraging exercise before, but he still had difficulty losing weight.”

A change in approach led Moses to the world of hydrotherapy. Stokes, who has served in the field for five years and been a certified hydrotherapist for almost two years, concedes that working with Moses marked a first in her career. At first, Moses’s aversion to water was evident, a characteristic common among his feline peers. Stokes tried various toys and treats to coax Moses into starting, eventually resorting to stricter methods.

These days, Moses eagerly awaits atop a moving treadmill, anticipating the rising water level before launching into his workout. “After he’s been walking for 13 minutes, I lift him up, raise the water level further, and give him a few minutes of swimming for a total body workout,” Stokes detailed.

The benefits are noticeable in a rejuvenated Moses, who not only has shed pounds but also displays increased energy and enthusiasm at home. With 2.2 pounds shed and a recorded increase in muscle mass, progress is apparent. “That amounts to a body weight reduction of almost four percent in about six weeks, which is ideal as we don’t want the weight to drop too rapidly,” Stokes explained. “The critical point is that his physique is noticeably transforming as he loses the fat and rebuilds muscle.”

Jenna Joshi, Moses’s owner, is thrilled with her pet’s progress. “I observed a difference almost immediately. After his first hydro session, he used the cat flap, something he hadn’t done in a long time,” she reminisced. “We continue with regular weight checks and hydrotherapy sessions, and he’s making good progress. The initial stages were challenging, but now he doesn’t seem to mind and knows exactly what to expect in each session.”


The ideal strategy for overweight pets includes careful monitoring of food intake and preventive steps to avoid obesity. Although weight loss in pets can be a slow process, the dedication of Moses and his determined owner demonstrate that positive change is achievable.

In keeping with a positive outlook, share this story with a friend who might need a spark of motivation. If a cat like Moses can overcome his weight issues, just think what they could do with a bit of inspiration.


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1 Comment

  1. Eliot Schickler

    June 3, 2024 at 3:46 am

    Congrats Moses!

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