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Police Officer Adopts Abandoned Puppy That Refuses To Leave His Side For A Ride-Along



  • LAPD police officers hopped upon one tiny puppy roaming around the busy streets of Los Angeles, California.
  • The police officers took the puppy from the street and brought him to an animal shelter, but later on, Officer Mercado decided to prolong their time together.
  • The police officers brought the puppy for a ride-along and got too attached to the puppy that Officer Mercado decided to adopt him.

They say that animals can sense kindness from the people around them. There is no proof for this theory, but this story could probably be just that.

Officers Mercado and Tavera came upon one tiny puppy wandering alone on the busy streets of Los Angeles, California. From this point on, it was apparent for the LAPD police officers that the puppy on Hobart Boulevard needed help.

The police officers took the puppy and brought him to an animal shelter, where the two learned that he had been abandoned on the streets.

They decided not to abandon the puppy at that time, especially after hearing his story. From here on out, the puppy would be named Hobart, after the street where they picked him up. The police station tweeted a picture of the puppy on a ride-along with the officers that attracted the attention of many. Within hours, #HollywoodHobart was trending online.

Officers Mercado and Tavera found it impossible not to get attached to the puppy they named Hobart. Both continued with their shift, aware that their time with the puppy will soon meet its end. The police officers posted multiple videos while on the ride-along, making the most of their time together. One of these videos shows Hobart following the officer down the street, glued to the safe space he found.

The police officers were not alone in their intent to keep their new-found company, their entire division seems to agree. The LAPD Hollywood Division even joked about recruiting the puppy into law enforcement, naming him the “newest member of our K-9 unit,” but Hobart would make a better comfort dog than a police dog. The puppy is just so cute and adorable!

Their time together is scheduled to come to an end later that day, but Officer Mercado decided to bring the puppy into his home. The puppy found himself a proper family that would take care of him.


This is another happy ending for abandoned animals, probably the best ending there is. This could be living proof that animals can sense and bring out the kindness in people. Here is to hoping that that the dog would live a long, happy life with his forever family!

Source: Inspire More