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Police Replaces Birthday Boy’s Stolen Bike



  • Six-year-old Bryan Jeffry received a new bike last Christmas but it was stolen outside a Walmart store right before his 7th birthday.
  • The police were alerted of the robbery but failed to apprehend a suspect so Detective Tim Gray thought of a nice surprise.
  • When the community learned what happened, they planned a surprise for Bryan who can’t contain his excitement when Detective Gray rolled up with a brand new bike and a helmet on his birthday.

Six-year-old, Bryan Jeffry, had his bike stolen right before his 7th birthday. The family asked the help of the Conway Police Department in Arkansas.

Bryan had walked out of a Walmart store only to find that his beloved bike, which he received last Christmas, was missing. The officers took the matter seriously and were able to get security footage of the suspect.

The police department shared the information on their Facebook page and asked for the community’s help in locating it, but one police officer — Detective Tim Gray — wanted to do more!

“I thought, you know, nobody takes a little boy’s bike,” he said. “And I just thought, I’m just going to buy him another bicycle.”

Some members of the community reached out to the police, offering to buy Bryan a new bike as well. They worked together to find a replacement that looked exactly like Bryan’s stolen bike. Then they planned a wonderful surprise!

Photo Credit: Carmen A. Campbell

During Bryan’s 7th birthday celebration, Detective Gray rolled up with a brand new bike and a helmet. Bryan’s eyes grew wide in disbelief and couldn’t contain his happiness, he burst into tears.

Photo Credit: Conway Police Department (Facebook)

His mom Carmen shared the touching story on Facebook, writing, “I teared up so bad.”

Photo Credit: Conway Police Department (Facebook)

Detective Gray couldn’t hide his emotions too. “Just his reaction was priceless,” Gray added. “There must have been some dust in the air because my eyes watered up a little bit.”

After the wonderful surprise, Gray stayed for the celebration. He took a picture with the birthday boy, making sure to match the Batman theme…

Photo Credit: Conway Police Department (Facebook)

…and rode down a giant inflatable slide with him!

Everybody’s heart was touched by these acts of kindness, especially Bryan’s mom! Carmen explained that she was thrilled not only because of the new bike, but also because Bryan learned a valuable lesson that a “negative situation does not always stay negative.”

Source: Inspire More