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Poppy’s Meaty Mishap: Cat Goes Viral for Comical Steak-Tasting Antics [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Poppy the Burmese cat tries steak for the first time and hilariously “malfunctions,” leaving it dangling from her mouth.
  • The amusing video was shared by TikTok user Kate Wagner and garnered over 470,000 views and 35,000 likes.
  • Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they need meat in their diet. Wild cats primarily consume small prey like rodents, birds, and bugs.

Sometimes first impressions can be a little… awkward.

Poppy the Burmese cat became an overnight sensation when her attempt to try steak for the first time went hilariously awry.

In a delightful video clip that now graces the virtual halls of TikTok, courtesy of Kate Wagner (@katewagner1), viewers witness Poppy being presented with a piece of steak by her doting owner.

Instead of chomping down with gusto, the feline comedienne appears utterly bewildered, letting the slice of meat amusingly dangle from her mouth.

Poppy’s initial attempt might have been a bust, but a second try with a tinier portion proved more successful.

Wagner captioned the amusing spectacle: “My cat tried steak for the first time and malfunctioned. I don’t know what’s worse – my laugh, or the way my cat eats steak.”


I dont know whats worse – my laugh, or the way my cat eats steak 😂 #petsoftiktok #catsoftiktok #funnycatvideos #funnycats ♬ original sound – Kate Wagner


Interestingly, while Poppy’s reaction might suggest otherwise, cats are innate meat-eaters.

In the wild, felines are keen hunters, primarily feasting on small creatures like rodents, birds, and even insects.

Ideally, around 70% of a cat’s diet should comprise meat, as their digestive system isn’t designed for a vegetarian meal plan.

The internet, ever-ready to revel in feline folly, made the video an instant hit.

Racking up a staggering 470,000 views and over 35,000 appreciative thumbs-up, the comments section was flooded with witty reactions.

Animal charity channel quipped about Poppy’s etiquette with, “Such elegance.”


Another user, Augmented Reality Art, creatively offered, “The cat gave it 5 Meowchelin Stars.”

Ashley Dillon281 amusingly deduced the internal conflict: “[Her] brain saying you like this eat this yes! [Her] tongue saying no no no no.”

Jeetz & Guac humorously noted, “I swear cats have no idea how to eat properly.”

And, as is often the case with such content, other cat owners couldn’t resist sharing their quirky tales of feline dining adventures.

For instance, Adora mentioned, “My cat stole some cheese from a sandwich I was eating with spicy mayo and he had the zoomies for 6 hours.”

So, next time you think of introducing your furry friend to a gourmet treat, maybe have your camera ready.


You never know; you might just catch the next viral sensation in action! 🐱🥩😂