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Pregnant Rescue Beagle Glows In Her Maternity Photo Shoot



  • When a very pregnant beagle needed shelter, she fortunately landed with the Homeward Trails Animal Rescue who took her in.
  • From there, she was fostered by a woman who discovered her photogenic quality and funny expressions, to merit a photoshoot.
  • Koko, the beagle really glowed in her maternity photo shoot just like pregnant human moms.

Pregnant moms’ glow.  And this pregnant rescue beagle is no exception.  But she needed a place to stay.

Sue Bell, executive director of Homeward Trails Animal Rescue, offered shelter to a very pregnant Koko, when the mom needed it.

Photo Credit: Homeward Trails Animal Rescue

Bell said, “While a bit shy at first, once she arrived in her foster home, she came alive: loving, playful and clearly wanting to be part of a family.”

For the rest of her pregnancy, she was placed with a foster mom, Cary Smith, who discovered that Koko was photogenic and hilariously expressive.

Photo Credit: Homeward Trails Animal Rescue

Smith thought that a maternity shoot was in order.  She said, “Koko requested maternity glamor shots. I promised her, this is her last litter and she’ll never have to go through this again. She’s such a trooper.”

And the results perfectly captured the glowing and proud mom. Smith added, “It morphed into an actual photo shoot to emulate what human moms do.”

Photo Credit: Cory Smith

A few days after the shoot, Koko gave birth to nine healthy puppies which would be given up for adoption, as is Koko when she recovers from giving birth. 

Smith said, “She is such an attentive mom and has such a sweet demeanor. “Plus, she loves bouncing around the yard for the few minutes she’s away from her pups each day.”

Photo Credit: Cory Smith

Koko’s photos are a testament of her innately maternal and loving nature.  We wish you and your pups will find the love that you deserve in your forever homes, Koko!

Source: The Dodo