Pup had jealous reaction after catching his dog walker with another pup [Video]

  • Kirby, a labrador, saw his dog-walker with another dog.
  • His jealous reaction was captured on video and shared on TikTok.
  • The dog and dog walker have since made up. 

People are clamoring for an explanation from this dog walker as to why she was photographed walking with another dog! She was out in the open for anyone to see when her main man caught her red-handed. Well, this Labrador believes he is the center of attention. 


I smelled around the block her as soon as we stepped out the door ???? #dog #sad

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@kirbysdogland, a TikTok user, provided a hilarious video of Kirby’s reaction when he sees his dog walker is with another pup.

He began sobbing uncontrollably as he watched the two of them walk down the street! But it appears that everything worked out great and that they were able to put this incident behind them. Hopefully, the next time she walks her other dogs, this dog walker will be a little more cautious! People are understandably upset that Kirby had been betrayed.


Reply to @penisgobblerxo I’ve since forgiven her ???? #sad #dog

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@Lauren Starich said, “The audacity of that dog walker.”

“Apologize right now!” commented @ADayInOnePlace. 

Kirby has a slew of devoted fans on his side.

@lillstulen, another commenter, wrote, “How could you, human? I thought I was your one and only fluff nugget.” 

Another chimed in, “Deez Hoomans ain’t loyal. Fluff them!!!” 


So, did Kirby kiss and makeup with the dog walker?

“I’ve since forgiven her,” Kirby captioned a recent video, indicating that she is better at giving second chances than most humans.

We’re delighted they were able to figure it out. Kirby will simply have to learn how to share. 

Source: Pet Helpful

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I think that the dog-walker should definitely ask the owner of the jealous dog if jealous dog could join him/her with his other “significant other” doggie! I think they just have to get to know each other a bit better… But it IS understandable that one of the dogs that this “promiscuous” dog walker takes around IN PUBLIC would feel jealous and betrayed! After all, wouldn’t you, too?!?