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Pup in wheelchair becomes guide and BFF for blind fox [Video]



  • Ana Lapaz-Mendez rescued Pumpkin, a blind fox, and Jack, a terrier that used a wheelchair, within months of each other.
  • An unlikely friendship blossomed between the two when Pumpkin started following Jack around.
  • Pumpkin would listen to the jingling sound of Jack’s wheels, and Jack would regularly turn around to check on Pumpkin.

Veterinary surgeon Ana Lapaz-Mendez from London recently bore witness to a story of friendship reminiscent of the classic film, The Fox and the Hound.

Pumpkin the fox was found with two broken legs back in October. Ana decided to take her in and nurse her back to health, knowing that she couldn’t fend for herself because she was blind and too weak.

Photo Credit: Ana Lapaz-Mendez

Jack, a West highland terrier, joined the pack two months later after his owner passed away.

Due to an inflammation of his spinal cord, he lost the use of his hind legs. While he has developed enough strength, he still depends on his wheelchair to move around.

Pup in wheelchair becomes guide and BFF for blind fox
Photo Credit: Ana Lapaz-Mendez

While he was getting his bearings, Jack followed his new mom around.

It wasn’t long before Pumpkin started following them around, too! She listened for the jingling sound of Jack’s wheels and followed him whenever they went out for a walk.

The sweet pup would even turn around to check on Pumpkin whenever he sensed that she was lagging behind.

Ana shared that Jack treated Pumpkin like a sibling and never felt that he had to chase her like a hunting dog chases foxes.

The pair became inseparable! After a long walk, the two would enjoy a warm cuddle together at home.

Pup in wheelchair becomes guide and BFF for blind fox
Photo Credit: Ana Lapaz-Mendez

Sometimes the pair would also cuddle with Ana’s other dog, Croqueta, which makes for an even bigger fluff pile.

Photo Credit: Ana Lapaz-Mendez

Sadly, Jack’s pain became too unbearable that Ana was left with no choice but to let him go on February 15.

Ana shared that while Jack was already blessed with more time than previously expected, “knowing this doesn’t make the pain of losing him any more bearable.”

“It’s the price of love,” Ana added. “A price I’m happy to pay for the fortune of having such an amazing dog being part of my life.”

We’re sure that Pumpkin and Croqueta will always keep Jack in their hearts.

Source: sunny skyz