‘Like a toddler on steroids:’ Pup wrecks yard of dad’s girlfriend

  • Dasher’s dad brought him to his girlfriend’s house, so he could go along with her and her dog.
  • But Dash ruined the entire courtyard of his girlfriend!
  • Despite being a wrecker, she loved him and believed that “with the right training, attention, and love, every dog will give their best and purest love.”

A dog visited his master’s new girlfriend and left an impression that lasts.

“Anything he finds he will eat it,” girlfriend Tiffany Pond told The Dodo.

“Nothing is off-limits with Dashy,” her boyfriend’s dog. “He is like a toddler on steroids, can’t even leave a glass of water on the coffee table in case his enthusiastic tail wags knock it off.”

Photo Credit: Tiffany Pond/The Dodo

When Dasher came over to Tiffany’s house for the first time, the couple wanted him and Tiffany’s dog, Charlie, to get along. But so Charlie won’t be overwhelmed, they decided to leave Dasher, and his bed, in Tiffany’s little courtyard for a while.

Photo Credit: Tiffany Pond/The Dodo

“I have a courtyard leading out from my bedroom and it’s fairly bare at the moment,” Tiffany said. The yard only had a water feature, some fake grass, and a few lovely statues.

She added, “I thought it would be perfect for Dashy… and in my mind, I reasoned that there was nothing he could possibly wreck or ruin out there!”

But they were surprisingly wrong. This ball of energy completely destroyed his bed (which he’s done before) and the entire courtyard!

Photo Credit: Tiffany Pond/The Dodo

“He had torn up all of the fake grass and dug deep holes in the sand, chewing and snapping off all the pipes for the water feature,” Tiffany shared. “Just when we thought his reign of terror was over and he couldn’t possibly show his disapproval through any other means, we are proven wrong!” 

Despite the mess, Dash, with his not-guilty, “innocent” looking face, made the couple just laugh it off.

“We couldn’t help but laugh, he looked so innocent, like he hadn’t just Tazzy deviled the joint,” Tiffany said. “He is a puppy after all and is still being trained, plus, this is no real surprise, it is a total Dashy signature…”

Photo Credit: Tiffany Pond/The Dodo

The visit sounded like one of the first few dates of the couple, but Dasher’s wreck didn’t turn Tiffany off. She already loved Dash and would even want to help him work through his behavior.

“When you adopt a dog I believe the responsibility of the owner is to be patient and understanding knowing that shit will get ruined while you are teaching and training them…” Tiffany said.

“With the right training, attention, and love, every dog will give their best and purest love to you,” she added. 

Photo Credit: Tiffany Pond/The Dodo

Dasher’s dad must be a lucky guy. His girlfriend, who is now also Dash’s mom, is totally a dog person.


Source: The Dodo

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