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Puppy Drops Everything, Becomes Cutest First ResPAWnder Ever



Quick Smiles:

  • A 9-month-old puppy named Cudi stole the spotlight by howling along with a firetruck siren during a walk.
  • The adorable moment was captured on TikTok by Cudi’s owner, Corey Mannicci, earning over 2.2 million views and 527,700 likes.
  • Cudi’s howling is a natural behavior linked to his canine ancestry and is his way of communicating with the perceived ‘other dog’ in the distance.

Corey Mannicci was out for a stroll with his 9-month-old puppy, Cudi, when the sound of a firetruck siren echoed through the neighborhood. Cudi, being the alert pup he is, stopped in his tracks to locate the source of the noise. Once he spotted the firetruck, he knew it was his moment to shine.

With a caption that humorously reads, “Had to put the bone down and do his part,” Cudi let out a robust howl.

He glanced back for a quick reassurance before continuing his mission to alert the rest of the community, just in case they missed the sirens.

Mannicci confessed, “This was my first time seeing him howl myself. My girlfriend had been on a walk with him once and said he howled with a firetruck but didn’t catch it on video.”

It seems Cudi has a knack for joining in with firetruck sirens, a behavior he’s only exhibited since being adopted by Mannicci and his girlfriend, Natalie Moll, last June.


Cudi’s howling antics quickly won over the hearts of TikTok users, with his video racking up more than 2.2 million views and 527,700 likes. Viewers couldn’t help but salute this little pup for his community service.

One viewer commented, “Thank him for his service.”

“When dogs do this we get extra luck on the call we go to,” another wrote.

Screenshots/composite (@cudithepup/TikTok)

So why do dogs like Cudi howl at sirens? It’s all down to their wolf ancestry. Wolves use howling as a form of communication, and this trait is still present in our domestic dogs. When they hear the high-pitched sound of a siren, they often mistake it for another dog howling in the distance and respond in kind.

Dogs also howl as a form of protection, alerting their owners to something new or potentially threatening. While it’s a completely normal behavior, excessive howling can be frustrating for owners. The key to managing this is to ignore the howling, teaching the dog that it won’t get them attention. Rewarding silence with praise and treats can help keep the howling to a minimum.