Puppy caught red-handed pushing sibling down the stairs [Video]

  • Two puppies were playing near the top of the stairs when one of them falls over the edge.
  • The incident was caught on video, which showed one making a small push!
  • The culprit’s face when he saw that the camera had caught him in the act was simply priceless.

When it comes to siblings, playing around with each other and a little rough-housing is all part of the fun. Sometimes, however, one ends up taking things too far, whether accidentally or purposefully. One video caught one such incident and has since gone viral.

In the video shared in Reddit’s AnimalsBeingDerps channel, two puppies can be seen playing at the top of the stairs. Suddenly a small push sends one of them over the edge.

Photo Credit: Reddit/Josmer_Suero

When the culprit’s face looks at the camera to see he was caught red-handed, his expression is priceless!

The video’s caption, which said, “If you say anything, you’re next, Susan,” is perfect. The pup really looks like he’s giving the witness a threatening look to stay silent.

Photo Credit: Reddit/Josmer_Suero

We do hope the little one who fell down the stairs is ok. We can even hear the little thuds as he hit each step of the stairs! Poor thing.

Viewers went along with it and warned the cameraman to be careful. One comment alerted him, “He’s like..snitch and you’re next!”

Another viewer described the incident as a tiny puppy version of Scar and Mufasa! Who would have thought that of that sweet-looking little puppy?

Photo Credit: Reddit/Josmer_Suero

Another viewer may be onto something when they pointed out, “Tail wag says he just found his new favorite activity.” 

We hope we can give that puppy the benefit of the doubt and say that he didn’t mean for the other one to fall. We can only assume that the puppy who fell is unharmed, given that the video was shared.

Perhaps they’ll be more careful and gentle the next time they play?

Source: Pet Helpful

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For y’all that are SO desperate for a story and so anxious to ‘personify’ animals to human bad-behaviors i have THIS to say: The puppy is trying his best to NOT see the other pup take a tumble, which says (obviously) animals are ALOT smarter than the morons filming this! – The puppy was trying to prevent his sibling from a potential bad fall. The dog was trying to reach out and say: ‘be careful’ – but of course, YOU STUPID humans simply MUST take innocence and make it evil. You ppl are SICK! You’re a bunch of evil maniacs taking advantage of innocent animals – just to get ratings. You’re trying to ‘justify’ your ‘test run’ for humor to justify ignorance in the hope it will win over animal lovers out here – and so by doing so that will open an entirely new venue for ratings – that being cruelty to animals! By insisting on twisting hapenstance for a laugh, attention, and ratings and taking advantage of innocent animal behaviors shows how desperate you are for attention. Get a life! AND likewise, whatever ‘human’ videoed that clip should be arrested for animal (set up) and cruelty!