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Grandson Opens “Quarantine Beauty Shop” for His Grandmother, Now That Salons Are Closed [Video]



  • Stewie sets up Quarantine Beauty Shop for his grandmother in isolation.
  • There is no place open for a hair blowout, leaving her unsure if it would be possible to have somebody style her hair, just to look and feel her best.
  • Stewie styled Bobbe’s hair. He is not a professional, but he tries to give it his best shot.

People looking and feeling their best improve their well-being, especially now during this difficult time spent in quarantine.

Bobbe, 87 years old, treated herself with regular visits to her hairdresser before the community lockdown had her confined inside her house and the safety guidelines from the national government had salons temporarily closed as the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect the country.

There is no place open for a hair blowout, leaving her unsure if it would be possible to have somebody style her hair for her, just to look and feel her best. Lucky for her that she has Stewie, her grandson that would do just about anything to make her happy.

Instagram | Bobbe

Bobbe and Stewie share videos on social media platforms that attracted attention on Instagram and Tiktok, all because of the close bond between the two. “Quarantine Beauty Shop” had been posted just recently, where Stewie does Bobbe’s hair for her now that salons are closed.

Stewie made sure to do his best for this hairstyle. This is not his expertise, after all, he is not a professional hairdresser, but he knows for sure that this could make his grandmother feel better. The end result turned out a surprise for both of them, the impromptu spa day turned out better than expected!

Instagram | Bobbe

Bobbe fancies the hairstyle done by Stewie, joking that will be back for a second style.

Stewie impressed people over the internet after he posted the hairdressing video, gaining praise from the deed. “You are an amazing grandson, and her face just glows with how much she loves you,” one fan wrote.

Another said, “With all the stress in the world today, you have shown all of us what your heart is made of.”

He could probably be the sweetest grandson there is, and it is not only about the hairstyling either. Stewie makes it a point to bring joy for Bobbe every day. This is a reminder that it is important to have somebody to lean on during this difficult time.

Source: Inspire More