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Quirky Dog Obsessed With Breads Makes Baguette His Best Friend



  • When Christine Winfree gave her dogs, Jimmy and Bear, a hunk of stale baguettes, she was surprised to find that Jimmy loved it so much to make it his best friend.
  • Jimmy carried the piece of bread around everywhere and even slept with it until it turned mushy and dirty from being buried and dug up again and again.
  • The original baguette has now disintegrated but Jimmy’s love for baguettes and breads remain as he begs for it every day.

When dogs are given everything like a house full of amusing toys, a dog brother to play with, food and all the attention and love they need, you would think they would not ask for anything more, right?  Jimmy and his brother Bear have all these and their mom Christine Winfree, even takes them on fun car rides and lets them chase leaves whenever they go to the park.

Yet in spite of all that, Jimmy longs for the last thing that you would think he would love to have— a hunk of stale baguette.

Photo Credit: Christine Winfree

At first when Christine gave Jimmy and Bear the slice of days-old baguette, they would just nibble at it then leave it.  But she was surprised to see Jimmy stealing his part of the baguette slice from Bear and carrying it around with him everywhere around the house so that Bear would not get it.

It quickly became his “best friend”— he carried it, slept with it, buried it then dug it up again to the point that it was black with dirt.

Photo Credit: Christine Winfree

Christine was worried how Jimmy would react if she took the beloved but now mushy bread from him. “It was slimy, gross and disintegrating. He finally gave in and ate one piece but then kept the other piece around for three days. I think it finally melted into his dog bed.”

Jimmy may have lost the original baguette but his love for the bread remains.  Christine said that the sight of baguettes excites Jimmy and he begs for them.

Photo Credit: Christine Winfree

The quirky dog is a source of laughter for the family as he is a nonstop comedy show available, according to Christine.  And “Everyone needs a Jimmy to brighten their day!”

Source: The Dodo