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Rancher Reunited With Favorite Horse He Let Go During CalWood Fire



  • When the CalWood Fire happened, Travis received a call to evacuate his home. 
  • He tried saving many of his animals but his most favorite horse, Adam, won’t fit in the trailer. 
  • So he let him loose however heartbreaking the decision was unknowing if he gets to survive the raging fire.

Travis Ochs received a phone call telling him to evacuate his home because of CalWood Fire. When he checked on the situation, the only route for his escape was almost blocked by fire. 

He runs a ranch that his family owns for over 80 years now in Geer Canyon Drive, in Boulder, Colorado. His mom and sister live on the ranch as well and they were the first ones he thought of immediately as soon as he got the news! 

He rushed to fetch her mother and quickly brought her to a safe place. Then he went back to turn off the gas and save as many animals as he possibly could. 

Photo Credit: Travis Ochs

“I started up and there was kind of a dark smoke, and right in front of me this tree, a three-story pine tree, was completely on fire,” he recalled. “I had no idea the fire was that close. I turned around immediately. There were big chunks of burning wood falling all over the road.”

He checked on his sister’s house and they had already left trying to salvage their animals away from the fire as well. 

While Boulder County had sent help to ranchers using horse trailers to evacuate as many horses as they can, Travis’ problem was that Adam, his favorite draft horse, wouldn’t fit on the vehicle! 

Photo Credit: Travis Ochs

He was about to run out of time and had to decide quickly. It was “horrifying,” as he described, but he decided to let loose Adam, and his donkey, Ennis. 

Adam and Ennis, both 14, have been with Travis ever since they were only 6-month-olds. He cared for them and they were raised to be very affectionate and loving of their humans. 

It was heartbreaking for Travis to let go of his dearest friends unsure of the possibility to see them again when the dust settles down. 

Photo Credit: Boulder County Parks & Open Space

The fire had devastated all of his family’s property, according to the authorities’ report the next day. Everything was burned down to dust except for a half acre area of grass — and right there, stood Ennis and Adam! 

They were starving and thirsty but other than that, they were both safe and sound! They may have been in shock of what happened, but they still felt comfortable with people. 

Travis was extremely happy to see them again and so were his two best friends to be reunited with him!

Photo Credit: Boulder County Parks & Open Space

“Yes, they were very glad to see me. They were thrilled,” he said.

We are happy too that Travis and his two best friends were able to reunite despite what happened!

Source: Inspire More