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Rescue Dog Coddles Every Kitten His Family Fosters



  • Raylan was rescued from a high-kill shelter, now he makes every kitten his family fosters feel loved.
  • The dog has become the best big brother for over 60 kittens in the past six years.
  • The pictures of the dog, cuddling, and coddling kittens his family takes in, are posted on social media.

Some people foster animals to make sure that every single one receives the love they deserve until their forever home arrives. This dog shares this mission. Perhaps, understanding what it feels like since he was rescued from a high-kill shelter himself.

There had been no dog training for Rayland before his adoption, but his family knew that raising him properly would only require some guidance and plenty of affection. Raylan developed into a good dog, a wonderful companion who could even get you a beer if you ask nicely.

Raylan is a good dog, but his best qualities lie in his caring nature directed at every cat his family fosters over the past six years. Today, the dog has become the best big brother for over 60 kittens.

Here are 21 pictures of cuddle sessions with the dog.

1. The pictures of the dog, coddling foster animals are posted on Instagram.

2. Raylan gives up his bed to make the new cat feel comfortable.

3. “New kitten day is his favorite day!”


4. One of his favorite things to do with a new kitty is sharing a nap.

5. His love is persistent, even with playful kitten paws.

6. He makes them feel loved until the time they find their forever homes.

7. There is plenty of his love to go around!

8. Meet Raylan. Sometimes dog, other times portable space heater.

9. His love is not exclusive to kittens. Even older cats are welcome.


10. Look at how comfortable this little kitten is.

11. Raylan bathes his kittens from time to time too!

12. When they require a little help, the dog is always ready to offer.

13. How much comfortable could things get for these two?

14. In some cases, this might be the first loving contact these kittens receive.

15. The kittens love the dog almost as much as he loves them!


16. The safeguard for all the little kittens.

17. Raylan loves cats, no matter the color, size, age.

18. “You sit here now, kitty.”

19. In this to make kittens comfortable.

20. His love for kittens never wavered through the years.

21. Always the patient big brother!


What a sweetheart. The dog made every single one of these kittens feel loved, and now that they have gone on to their forever homes, they could pass it on to other animals too!

Source: Inspire More