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Rescue Dog Who Recently Lost Her Puppies Nurses Three Little Kittens



  • Stacee Jones fosters rescued animals from the shelter, to help take care of them.
  • She was called in on the rescue center and asked to take care of a dog who just lost her puppies and three kittens who lost their mother.
  • She introduced the three little kittens to the dog, in hopes that she would nurse them and it worked.

Stacee Jones opened up her house to hundreds of rescued animals from the shelter. She wanted to help take care of them until the day that they are ready for adoption. In all the years that she has done this, her encounter with survivors from two separate cases was the most heartwarming.

Stacee opened her house to another rescue animal from the shelter. This time, it was a rat terrier mix that recently lost her puppies. The dog was rescued behind a dumpster in the area. Not long after this, the rescue shelter called her to request if she could also foster and bottle-feed three newborn kittens who just had lost their mother.

It was a long shot but there is this idea that started forming in her head. She wanted to see if there is a possibility wherein the rat terrier would nurse and feed the three kitten, also under her care.

“I was very careful,” she said. “I sat down next to the mama dog and sat down with one kitten. I slowly showed her the kitten to see how she’d react. I was afraid maybe she’d growl or would not take [it] very well.” 

She acted on her plan. She was nervous, she had no idea what was going to happen. Stacee held her breath and prepared to pull the kittens out from under the dog at the slightest sign that this was not okay. Instead, something expected happened. “She took to the first kitten right away. She licked him,” she said. 

“She laid right down and nuzzled them toward her,” Stacee said. “She let them nurse. It was very motherly. She knew what to do right away.”

To her surprise, the plan actually worked.

“I was like, ‘This is so beautiful,’” she said. “She took to them on day one and loved them like her own.”

She is curious about these arrangements, wondering if the dog already knows that these three little kittens are not actually hers. “They’re different species, and they came together,” Stacee said. “It’s so special. Dogs and cats don’t care. They just want and give unconditional love.”

The good news is, the dog has already been adopted. There is even more good news, the three little kittens will be ready for adoption soon.

Source: The Dodo