Rescued Cat Finds Forever Home with Heroic Firefighter [Video]


  • A cat was rescued from rubble in Gaziantep, Turkey after ten days.
  • The firefighter who rescued the cat, Ali Cakas, is a world-class mountain biker and coach for the Turkish national mountain biking team.
  • Cakas has adopted the cat and named it “Enkas,” making it the official mascot of his fire department.

In the midst of a devastating earthquake in Gaziantep, Turkey, one lucky cat found a hero in firefighter and world-class mountain biker Ali Cakas.

After being trapped under rubble for ten days, the feline was rescued by Cakas and refused to leave his side, becoming the official mascot of his fire department.

Cakas has since taken the cat, now named “Enkas,” home and given it a loving forever home. The heartwarming story has gone viral on social media, proving that cats truly are beloved in Turkey.


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