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Rescued Cat Needs Your Help To Go Home to the US



  • US Army Sgt. Rode befriended a stray cat while deployed in the Middle East.
  • The rescued cat became her companion and source of comfort and she could not leave him behind when she goes back to the U.S.
  • Paws of War is assisting her with the expenses to transport the cat to the U.S. 

Gaining an animal’s trust takes time and effort. For strays, more so those who are in a warzone, it is doubly difficult to be with humans again. But for US Army Sgt. Rode who was deployed in the Middle East, her rescued cat Bubba put his trust in her.

It was not easy to befriend the lonely, injured, and scared cat. But she knew the cat needed attention. Food became her ally in gaining the feline’s trust. After that, she helped have his wounds treated.

So, leaving him behind when she goes back to the U.S. is out of the question. To help transport Bubba to the U.S., she enlisted the help of Paws of War.

Photo Credit: Paws of War

Rode said, “Bubba is such a wonderful cat, and he greets me every time he sees me and purrs loudly whenever I pet him.”

They formed a bond that made them inseparable — until Rode received orders for her to return to the mainland. She cannot bear to leave the cat behind as Bubba has become a wonderful companion and comfort provider. She would not let him down.

But transferring animals internationally is expensive and time-consuming. That’s where Paws of War comes in. The non-profit assists disabled, retired, and active military personnel and their pets.

Photo Credit: Paws of War

The organization stated, “Sgt. Rode saved Bubba, but there’s only so much she can do on her own,” so they are determined to help her.

According to Stateside Logistics coordinator of Paws of War Dereck Cartright, “This is a story you can’t help but to love and want to get behind.”

They immediately organized a fundraiser to cover the cost of transporting Bubba so that hopefully, the two will be Stateside soon. 


Source: Daily Paws