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Rescuers Doubted He Could Walk Again After Being Hit By A Car, But Brave Dog Defied The Odds [Video]



  • Buster was hit by a car and was lying on the roadside when rescuers found him.
  • He was in a really bad state that the rescuers never believed he could ever learn how to walk again.
  • But Buster was determined and only after six weeks of therapy, the resilient dog started walking again all by himself!

Buster is a brave dog who defied the odds after being hit by a car and proved to the volunteers from Animal Aid Unlimited, who found him during the accident, that he’d be able to walk again even when they believed he can’t.

“He couldn’t bear weight, his hind feet flexed backwards, and we thought he might be paralyzed for life,” says the organization in a post on Instagram. It was absolutely a surprise to them what the pup can do with his resilience!

After the rescuers found the poor dog lying along the road India, they rushed him to their sanctuary and treated him immediately.

Buster was clearly in pain but he did not whimper nor struggle at all. It was as if he was fully aware the rescuers were there to help him. Of course, they gave him lots of love and treats!

Photo Credit: animalaid_india (Instagram)

The dog underwent physiotherapy sessions and he was doing fine, but still, the rescuers were not hopeful of the result. They were unsure if he’d ever be able to walk again on his feet. 

“This older boy was so sweet and mellow, we thought he might not have the fight to heal,” their post says. “But we were so wrong!”

Photo Credit: animalaid_india (Instagram)

Six weeks later, not only was Buster able to get up, but he also started walking by himself!

That’s just incredible! Buster proves that with enough love, care, and time, anyone can heal from anything! Just as the organization put it: “Beautiful things happen when you try.”

Photo Credit: animalaid_india (Instagram)

The best part is, Buster has found his new forever home and lives a good life with his new family! 

Buster’s resilience and fighting spirit is something we all can learn a thing or two from! He truly is an inspiring gentle soul!

Photo Credit: animalaid_india (Instagram)

Source: Inspire More