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Restaurant realizes ‘something was not right’ when elderly couple failed to visit for months



  • Elderly couple Richard and Bobbie were weekly diners at their favorite restaurant Chick-fil-A.
  • They became close to the staff who also personally got to know them and treated them dearly.
  • When the restaurant noticed that they haven’t been visiting for months, they were worried, searched everywhere to know where they live, and personally sent them their favorite food!

If there’s one thing she’s really proud of, it’s gonna be her grandparents.

Lindsay Naramore McGuffey of Griffin, Georgia submitted to Love What Matters a touching story about her grandparents Richard and Bobbie, sharing how much they mean not only to her, but to other people as well — including the staff of their favorite restaurant.

Photo Credit: Lindsay Naramore McGuffey/Inspire More

The grandparents were going twice a week, religiously, to Chick-fil-A. They have become so fond not only of the food but also of the staff, and the staff loved them so dearly, too. If decorating their table with flowers on special occasions and giving their orders for free on some days were considered a special treatment, this couple surely received one from the restaurant.

Recently, when Richard got sick, the couple hadn’t got the chance to visit Chick-fil-A for months. And this caused the staff to worry, thinking that “something wasn’t right.”

As the workers really got close to the couple, they knew where to find their children and grandchildren. They contacted teachers from local schools, but since they didn’t know their surnames, tracing them wasn’t really an easy mission, but they never gave up.

The staff sought help, and searched churches and schools, describing the couple’s family based on what they know about them: having a big family, with lots of land, living all close together. And they were successful. No doubt, they know them pretty well.

The next thing that happened was a special food delivery to Richard and Bobbie’s house, by the staff themselves who drove more than 30 minutes to their place. Of course, the restaurant sent their favorite food, prepared meticulously down to the smallest details of how they’ve always wanted their food to be.

Photo Credit: Lindsay Naramore McGuffey/Inspire More

Just the thought of other people sending so much love to her grandparents made Lindsay cry. Realizing how much impact they’ve made to other people is even more moving for her.

“The part that touched my family the most was seeing the impact my grandparents had on people they encountered every day, and seeing those people go the extra mile to see them, not because they had to, but because in their hearts, they wanted to. The food was just an added bonus,” Lindsay wrote.

The family was as touched by the generous and thoughtful gesture of the kind restaurant staff that day, which, for Lindsay, is “a moment that will forever be embedded into [the] family’s hearts and minds.”

The proud granddaughter ended the letter with “There are angels on this earth. Keep your eyes open for the good through all the bad in this world.”

She sure is right.


Source: Inspire More