Reunited Long-Lost Sisters Have Same Tattoos, Jobs, and Hobbies

Reunited Long-Lost Sisters

  • When Victoria took a DNA test kit at home, she was only interested in learning about her heritage.
  • She had no idea it would reveal that she has a sister!
  • The long-lost sisters turned out to have very parallel lives — they have similar jobs, hobbies, interests, and even tattoos!

Victoria Voorhees had no idea what was in store for her when she took a DNA test. She not only discovered that she had a sister, but she also found that they had the same tattoos, hobbies, and jobs!

Victoria, 27, knew that she was adopted. She ordered the 23&Me home DNA test kit just to learn more about her genetic makeup and Hispanic heritage. Having been adopted at two months old, she had always dreamed of having an older sibling.

She had no idea that she actually had an older sister — and one who seemed like her twin!

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When the test results revealed that she had a sister and sent her a photo, she “didn’t think it was possible.” She thought, “At first I was like there’s no way… maybe they found someone that has some similarities to me.”

So she contacted her sister, 28-year-old Alyss Ravae, through the 23&Me app. She also sent a message to a predicted cousin she was matched with, and rushed home to tell her parents.

The long-lost sisters started chatting and got into a voice call with their biological mother for the first time.

Victoria shared photos of herself growing up with her adoptive parents, which made her biological mother tear up with joy.

Alyss also noted the similarities with her long-lost sister: “We live very parallel lives even though we were given very different situations.”

The sisters both love the horror genre: everything Halloween, Stephen King, It, and The Shining, among others.

They also have matching bat tattoos! They were on opposite feet but on the same part of the ankle. Alyss shared that she dropped her phone in surprise when she saw Victoria’s tattoo picture.

They are also both cat moms who create and commission pet portraits online.

As they also like hiking trails, Victoria plans to show her sister “all the cool ones around” the Chicago area.

Talk about amazing coincidences! We’re happy that Victoria and Alyss got to find each other and share all the things they have in common!

Source: Good News Network

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