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Robotic Pets Give Joy To Seniors In Isolation During Pandemic



  • Homes for the aged have closed their doors from outside visitors to keep their high-risk residents safe.
  • But the residents also had to battle loneliness while in isolation during the lockdowns.
  • Thankfully, the Joy For All Companion Animals program by Ageless Innovation provides robotic pets to seniors that is proven to keep them calmer and happier.

When the pandemic started, assisted living facilities and nursing homes, have closed their doors from visitors because their residents are considered high-risks and they have to be kept safe from the inside. But then they also had to battle with the loneliness brought by isolation as the virus persists for months. 

The staff did their best to keep their senior residents entertained. While companion animals give them joy, it’s not always easy to care for one inside a facility. Thankfully, there is a program called Joy For All Companion Animals by Ageless Innovation that is determined to help ease the loneliness of these elderly people.

Joy For All Companion Animals makes stuffed pets that not only look and feel like the same, but act the same as well because they are robotic. The Alabama Department of Senior Services jumped right in to the idea of giving their seniors these robotic pets to keep them company.

In New York, they were the first to use robotic pets for seniors with  Alzheimer’s and dementia, which provide immensely positive results. In just a matter of a year, 70% of them are reported to have decreased loneliness.

Photo Credit: Joy For All Companion Animals (Facebook)

There are other facilities that have successful programs involving service dogs, but there are also those which taking care of one is not feasible, and the robotic pets that don’t require feeding, walking, nor grooming, is the best alternative.

“My mother loves her #JoyForAllPets kitty,” one recipient posted on Facebook. “She’s in a nursing home and isn’t lonely anymore!! It’s changed her whole disposition and given us peace of mind.”

Photo Credit: Joy For All Companion Animals (Facebook)

Florida and Pennsylvania are now following suit with Alabama’s program and worked with Ageless Innovation to provide their seniors with the Joy For All robotic pets.

A robotic pet costs about $100 each and has a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They can wag their tails, they can bark, and they are soft and fluffy. They make the seniors happier, calmer, and their families more at ease.

Photo Credit: Joy For All Companion Animals (Facebook)

The doctors approve this program and agreed that it’s a great way to provide comfort to the elderly without resorting to medications. 

Well honestly, even if I am not a senior yet, I want to have one myself! I think they are absolutely cute!

Source: Inspire More