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Rule-Breaking Dog Avoids Punishment by Escaping to Pool [Video]



  • Blue is a really smart dog who loves to break the rules and do mischievous things.
  • Every time he does something naughty, he knows he’d get in trouble, so he would run away from his parents.
  • Recently, he found out the best escape is to just jump into the swimming pool!

Ever since Blue became part of the family, he has always loved doing things that he is not supposed to do. He is kind of a troublemaker and his parents have gotten used to that.

Photo Credit: Emma Klapper

“He’s a loving, mischievous, crazy puppy who is incredibly smart,” his mom, Emma Klapper, told The Dodo. “He loves to get himself into trouble and test our patience.”

Since Blue is a smart dog, he certainly knows the rules. But he just loves to break them — and every time he does something naughty, he knows he’d get in trouble for it. His parents would scold him and he quickly runs away!

Recently, he found the perfect spot where to escape whenever he knows he’s in trouble — in the swimming pool!

“He first started jumping in the pool when he was in trouble about two months ago when he learned how to swim and knew once he was in the pool we weren’t chasing after him,” Emma said. 

Blue figured out the swimming pool was the best escape place for him when his parents are mad, because although they wanted to scold him, they usually don’t like getting wet. So he would swim away from them and get out of their reach. 

“He usually stays in until we either leave the pool deck or get distracted with something else,” Emma said.

While there are times his parents would chase him in the water, he’s also found a way to still get away.

“We’ve gone in after him before and he swims to the deep end,” Emma said. 

Of course, even if Blue is such a mischievous fellow, his parents love him so much no matter what! In fact, they find his swimming escape adorable! He is truly smart and his parents absolutely love him as he is!

Source: The Dodo