Sad Shelter Dog Scheduled for Euthanasia Saved In The Nick of Time [Video]

  • A senior dog at a shelter was already on the euthanasia list.
  • One of the shelter’s volunteers decided to take him out of the kennel and that’s when the dog showed his true loving personality.
  • With his renewed zest for life and his calm and friendly nature, the dog finally got adopted an hour before the scheduled euthanasia.

Dogs that end up at kill shelters are the most unfortunate and they need our help, fast!

Just like Bear who has had a hard life living on the streets of Texas and ended up on the euthanasia list at a shelter.

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When Bear came to the BARC Animal Shelter in June, the senior dog was passed over by would-be adopters.  With each day, Bear lost hope and stopped raising his head whenever people would check the dogs at the shelter.

BARC volunteer Madeline Garvis said, “He was one of 28 lives to be euthanized that day and it’s unreal that a dog like him made it onto the euth list. His personality is perfect, and I mean truly — he’s so calm and friendly.”

Photo Credit: Madeline Garvis

Gravis decided on taking Bear out of the kennel and was surprised that outside of it, Bear exhibited entirely different behavior!  She said, “We have such little opportunity to meet the dogs and see how they act outside, which is clearly so much different, as evidenced by Bear.”  She added, “Not a bad thing to say about Bear. He’s leashed well, quiet, walked on leash so loose it was practically falling off of him, knew how to sit and shake, and is heartworm negative.”

Photo Credit: Madeline Garvis

And from there, Bear transformed into a dog who had a new zest for life.  His true personality shone through.  That is why Garvis resolved to work hard to get Bear adopted before the scheduled euthanasia. 

And that is what happened!  Just in the nick of time, Bear got adopted!  What a save!

Bear deserves the love that he now enjoys in his forever home.  Have a long, good and happy life, Bear!

Source: The Dodo

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Animals know! He will be someones best friend!

THANK GOD for that special someone that cared to save another of our precious animal & GOD’s GIFT of a loving canine………We need more saves……

Senior dogs so deserve loving homes too. Thank you for saving Bear just in time. He is so sweet and loving. You have a good heart.